What headwear to wear this fall?

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To complete any autumn image requires a stylish headdress. We’ll tell you about what headwear is in the trend today, and we’ll show you how and with what to combine them.
Trend number 1: Kartuz

This headgear has many English names: “newsboy cap”, “baker boy cap”, “cabbie’s cap”. According to the semantics, the cap is the prerogative of the boy-bearer of newspapers, bakers’ assistants or taxi drivers. So it was until a certain time, in particular, in Britain, France and the Netherlands. Kartuz went from army headgear to the favorite cap of workers (and exclusively men!), And in the XX century it was noticed by fashion designers and breathed new life into it. Already to the joy of women.

With a special charm, the cap was worn by icons of the French style Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. In the 90’s, this headpiece was strongly associated with supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Today, the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret love the cap: Elsa Hosk and Candice Swanepool, the top models of Bella Hadid and Sookie Waterhouse. This year, at the shows of John Galliano, Prada, Miu Miu, you could see a variety of variations of the cap for everyday images.

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Advantage of a cap is that it can be combined with different outfits: from informal, with elements of grunge to feminine and romantic. All thanks to the variability of models, materials, decor.

Trend number 2: Beret

Another headgear with a truly French fleece. Beret – an indispensable autumn headdress! It perfectly suits women of different height and build, as well as perfectly combined with everyday, business and even elegant images. Trousers and a sweater, a tweed suit and a trench coat, a cocktail dress and a knitted cardigan – with any of the outfits you can wear a woolen or cashmere beret.

Today, the berets of the basic colors are in fashion – black, white, gray, beige, and trendy tones: wine, dark green, dark blue, pudrovye.

Trend number 3: Theodore

The onset of cold weather is not a reason to abandon the fedora hats that have grown fond of summer. She’s still in fashion. Only now it is necessary to get a warmer option. Ideally – a hat made of soft and cozy felt. Fedora fedora looks chic with fashionable autumn images. It can be worn with jeans, sweat shirts, warm dresses, cardigans, jackets and coats. Pay attention to the trendy colors. Pretty looking fedora burgundy, dark blue and dark green flowers.

Trend №4: Caps of large mating

If in the youth the parents had to arrange real terror to get us to wear hats, now we are voluntarily warming up, starting from the first October colds. Perhaps we no longer want to freeze and hurt, or maybe it’s all about superstyle knitted hats, without which the images look unfinished.

Today, the caps of large mating are popular – relief and three-dimensional. Wear them with jackets, parks, down jackets and coats. Do not forget about scarves and gloves in tone.

Trend №5: Caps with pom-poms

Among the models of knitted hats in the trend remain those who have a playful pom-pom – knitted or fur. He uniquely decorates the hat and gives the image lightness and informality.

Trend №6: Caps with decor

Decoration on the cap does not happen much. Embroideries, appliqués, figured binding, beads, sequins – all this turns the hat into a unique accessory that instantly makes any image vivid and unforgettable.

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