5 Ways to Stop Being Unhappy

There are periods in life when everything is not nice – spring and beautiful sunny weather, a pay rise, a planned vacation for the near future, a new dress or a new hairstyle. Yes, it happens that even having all the components for happiness, we feel bad, not comfortable, we feel not happy. Do you know this?
“Then there are 5 ways how to stop being unhappy!”, Says psychologist Vlad Bereyanskaya.

Decide that everything is fine with you!

Even if in fact things are not going well, decide that everything is fine with you and you are happy! It makes no sense to sit and screw yourself up with your problem! You probably know people who, no matter what, are always in a good mood. They are always fine and have the impression that they never have problems. This is not true. They also have problems, they also have situations where they might feel unhappy. Instead, they choose to move forward. They think or say to themselves: “I know this problem is temporary. I’m fine and will always be fine! That’s life! Everyone has trouble, so do not be sad, I’ll move on! “Do you like this train of thought? Is it better than sitting and sad, blaming yourself for something and getting upset?

Do not be sad for long

Yes, it’s normal to be sad. Not all people can say to themselves “everything is fine, I’m still happy!” And move on. Someone must be a little sad! Here the key word is a little! A little is a maximum of 1 day! If you understand that you are sad more than one day, immediately give yourself an installation that you need to stop. Because if you do not stop in time, you run the risk of falling into depression and spending several weeks or even months!

Take care of yourself and give yourself gifts

Are you sad? Do you feel unhappy? Only you can fix this situation! Every day, give yourself small gifts – a visit to the spa salon, a new pair of shoes, going to the movies with a second half and so on. It is important not to ask yourself presents on the first day, when you were visited by sad and destructive thoughts, and to do it in a measured and gradual manner. Then every day you will have something to remember good!

Record good news

Continuing the theme of memories and pleasant moments during the day. Take for a habit every day to record at least 3 good news or incidents that have happened to you. Even if the day passed completely directly, you should write down 3 good news! What kind of news can this be? You met a neighbor in a shop that complimented you. You slept in the morning. You were invited to your birthday by your old friends and so on. Do not take such moments as a trifle. After all, in fact, this is though small, but positive events in your life! At the end of each day, write them down. Then opening the notebook after a while, you will see the memories of a happy person. Perhaps this notebook will help you in the future. If you again feel unhappy, you can refer to this notebook and recall the previous period when you felt not the best way, but at the same time you could be good in every day!

Do not focus on failures and the state of an unhappy person

What is to get hung up? This is telling everyone and everywhere about your condition. For example, you were unfairly fined at work, you lost the bonus on which you were planning to buy a car and now you feel unhappy, because you tried so hard, but you were not lucky and you again need to use public transport. If you choose the path of an unhappy person, you keep in yourself an offense, you feel unhappy and try to share your situation with everyone. You tell in the smallest detail to friends about the situation at work and about how you were treated unfairly. Every time a car passes by you, you say thoughts aloud: “And I do not see this” or “Someone apparently got my bonus” and so on. If you choose a different path, you are sad about what happened to you for a maximum of one day, and the next day you wake up, tell yourself that you understood your mistake and took only the most useful from it. In a good mood, you start your day, you are full of energy and desire to get your bonus and still buy the desired car!

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